Over the past decade, FroGs has raised over £50,000 to develop the park’s play areas.

FroGS and Bristol City Council view the whole of the park as a play environment and seek to continue to add features which will provide challenging and imaginative play. The park has a formal play area. This is fenced to provide a dog-free environment for safe toddler play and includes a range of fixed equipment for children of ages 4–16. This play area has three different zones, based around age, activity and experience. This formal play are is located in the centre of the park at the base of the hill.

In addition, there remIngrid Lazy Sundays 10 is a 4 seat swing just outside the play area. This is a much loved piece of play equipment, and at the time the play area was refurbished, there was no equivalent replacement (newer swings were lower in height with less ‘thrill’ value). Park users requested that this swing remain in place until the end of its useful life.

There is also significant scope for natural play in the park. There are trees for climbing up, plantings for hiding in and den building, and hills for rolling down. The trim trail also provides opportunities for play.  There are also a range of large fallen trees for climbing, which FroGS lobbied the parks department to keep in the park.

FroGS and the city council are seeking to expand scope for natural play in the park.

natural play.jpg