Park users

Greville Smyth Park is an important place for everyone from infants to octogenarians in South Bristol.

It provides a place for young parents to stroll their babies and for infants to take their first steps. It provides a place for toddlers to play and to explore their world. It provides primary school children with the space and equipment to play games as well as organised (and disorganised) sports. For teenagers the park provides a place to hang out and to gain independence including in the youth shelter.

For adults the park is a place for recreation (football, bowls, running, fitness, tennis), for picnics, for dog walking and for relaxation. While for South Bristol’s older people the park provides a place for walking and relaxation. There are numerous benches throughout the park.

youth shelter
Teenagers are often neglected in park provision. Greville Smyth Park has not only play equipment for older kids, but also a youth shelter (funded by FroGS and the Bristol South Rotary Club)